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Snow White’s Poison Bite: Featuring: Dr. Gruesome

A new take on horror punk from the graveyards of Finland

When The Misfits formed in 1977, they couldn’t have imagined they would still be inspiring new bands more than 30 years later. SWPB are a face-painted horror-punk outfit from Finland whose Victory debut even features guest vocals from former Misfits frontman Michale Graves.

There’s a lot of competition when it comes to bands replicating that zombie-infested metal punk formula but SWPB do things differently. Although there’s an abundance of theremins, their vocals are more Mindless Self Indulgence than Danzig and there’s also a touch of early AFI with some Beyond The Valley-era Murderdolls.

In fact, aside from Graves’ involvement and the facepaint, The Misfits influence has been assimilated into their cauldron of post-hardcore and modern metal and the result is that SWPB’s album brings fresh blood to an often imitated style. Spooky, with puns aplenty, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if this lot ended up on tour with Wednesday 13.