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Scorpions: Return To Forever (Tour Edition)

Scorpions Return To Forever (Tour Edition) RCA Last year’s album, repackaged with bonuses galore.

A year on from the release of the Scorpions’ 18th studio record comes this fulsome reboot, replete with seven extra songs that have appeared on various global editions as bonus tracks, plus two live DVDs that prove, if nothing else, that Rudolf Schenker’s ability to gurn is undimmed after half a century in the business.

The album itself was something of a dig around down the back of the sofa, the songs assembled from ideas and outtakes stretching as far back as 1982’s Blackout. The band’s mindset has barely changed across that span: the aesthetic behind Rock My Car (‘Rock the car and rock yourself’ as Rudolf says, enigmatically) is the same as the celebratory new song Going Out With A Bang.

After 50 years, voices quiver and sinews tighten, but that philosophy endures to illuminate these spirited live shows. Long may they rawk.