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Romeo’s Daughter: Spin

Former Mutt Lange protégés reconvene.

Romeo’s Daughter never quite found a convenient niche, but while the band’s urbane fusion of pop, rock and what then passed for hi-tech production values – a self-titled debut from 1988 was co-produced by Mutt Lange – often caused bouts of head scratching, the quality of their music is undeniable.

Still fronted by Leigh Matty, whose ermine-trimmed voice remains as strong as ever, they reunited after a 14-year split to appear at the 2009 Firefest and, if anything, have become more productive than ever before. Second time around the emphasis on sonic shock and awe is much diminished and, for all its excellence, their ’12 comeback Rapture required repeated spins to attain maximum effect.

Album number four is a notch darker still though more immediate, with special praise reserved for Already Gone, Enemy, Didn’t See You Coming and Perfect Plan, the latter already a live favourite. Spin is another winner.