Rise Of Avernus - Eigengrau album review

Australian progressive doom crew hit an impasse

Cover art for Rise Of Avernus - Eigengrau album

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Hailing from Australia, Rise Of Avernus have worked incredibly hard since their 2012 inception to build a unique and intriguing sound and break out of their home country. They almost pull off an engaging record for their second full-length, but Eigengrau suffers under the weight of trying too hard to be different. It starts well with Terminus and Ad Infinitum laying down solid doom coloured with huge symphonic keys, while Gehenna begins on gorgeous soaring guitars. However, ROA never sound truly convincing, instead relying on technical ability over heart and leaving Eigengrau feeling cold and empty on its long path to the end. Melding progressive elements into the brutality of doom is a tricky task to manage unless you’re Katatonia, and Rise Of Avernus need to be more convincing in their execution next time around.