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Rapture - Paroxysm Of Hatred album review

Greek death/thrashers keep blazing along the same path

Cover art for Rapture - Paroxysm Of Hatred album

Formed in Athens in 2013, Rapture earned a lot of initial praise for the intense and insanely fast sounds on their debut record, Crimes Against Humanity. Their second full-length, Paroxysm Of Hatred, resolutely sticks to an ‘if it ain’t broke’ plan of attack and serves up 41 minutes of death-peppered thrash metal in the vein of early Sepultura and Dark Angel’s Time Does Not Heal. Though the record does suffer from the four-piece going back to the same well one too many times, particularly on efforts like Taken By Apathy, whose title is a little too on the nose, and the tedious Misanthropic Outburst, the safe-sounding record is still a solid listen for the most part. Redemption Through Isolation has some stunning, fretboard based gymnastics, while epic closing track Paroxysm Of Hatred: Revelation ends proceedings with a bang.