Rainbow: Live In Munich 1977

Archive gig boasting heavy axe-wielding.

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Now here’s a novelty – an album of a live show from a tour to promote another live album. Consequently, the songs on these two discs closely mirror the running order of On Stage, with the addition of Long Live Rock’n’Roll, a preview of the title track from the following year’s studio set.

That song’s brevity and radio-friendly riffing are somewhat at odds with Ritchie Blackmore’s studious and expansive guitar work on Catch The Rainbow or the cover of The Yardbirds’ Still I’m Sad, arguably signalling a desire to break through to a broader and more commercial marketplace.

At times, Ronnie James Dio’s powerful vocals seem like an afterthought, but are given full throttle on Mistreated, a throwback to Blackmore’s days in Deep Purple.