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Plankton Wat: Drifter's Temple

Post rock folksiness from Portland's finest.

Drifter's Temple is a pretty accurate title for this opener from former Eternal Tapestry man. Dewey Mahood.

These 10 instrumentals move at their awn discreet pace, creating a thoughtful, richly atmospheric whole serving as an extended sound prayer to the joys of guitar. A small bunch of brothers are at hand to provide keyboards, a smattering of beats and, as on Dance Of Lumeria, the odd purr of lap steel. But mostly this is Mahood exploring the nuances of his beloved six-string. The muted psychedelia of Changing Winds is a prime exemplar, building from tinkling that recall 70’s kosmische to gruff electric spasms. Mahood can tear it up with feedback,/ noise whenever the mood gets too tranquil. in all, a genuine delight.