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Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons The Age Of Absurdity album review

Ex-Motörman takes an assured first step back to the spotlight

Having enlisted three ‘illegitimate’ offspring – real-life sons Todd, Tyla and Dane on guitar, bass and drums respectively – a case of postLemmy blues for Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell would have been forgivable, but that really isn’t what this full-length debut is about. There’s no mistaking that guitar sound or the gnarly feel of certain riffs, and some songs – Ringleader, Gypsy Kiss and Dropping The Needle, for example – make you wonder how they’d have sounded in the hands of a certain Mr Kilmister. But Motörhead’s epic aura of warts, grime and muck is conspicuous by its absence, and the voice of Neil Starr will surely be a little too pristine and melodic for certain tastes. However, this enjoyable first statement of intent offers firm assurance that the Bastard Sons are a kick-ass rock’n’roll band to be respected.