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Pervy Perkin: Ink

Spanish band’s sprawling album is big, but is it clever?

This curiously named band from Murcia in south-eastern Spain have gone for a major tour de force on their debut.

_I_nk covers a gamut of styles and orchestrations and runs to over two hours in length, spread across two discs (or a substantial free download), Book Of Equinox and Book Of Solstice. The in-your-face instrumentation, tempo, feel and time signature changes of an unashamed prog metal band are impressive, (check out The End Of The Beginning or the 26 minuter, Morphosis). Like a more mischievous Dream Theater, the band toys with arrangements and genres: Spaghetti Western/orchestral stylings (Opening Credits), Latin-jazz acoustic guitars (The Tree In The Sky), a lovely keyboard workout in_ Shades Under_ A City Lamppost and quirky punk/skiffle in Asleep In A Wormhole. There’s clearly talent, creativity and ambition here, but the sometimes rough and ready production and Alex Macho’s vocals can be an acquired taste. The latter disappoint in places, actively spoiling some great tunes such as synth ballad 3:11 AM (The Crystal Clock). Size isn’t everything, and here material for one great album is spread thinly across two pretty average ones.