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Peace Killers: Peace Killers

West Coast stoner rockers fail to find a cutting edge

Don’t be misled by the moniker; Peace Killers are not some horrible spiky-haired oiks from Sweden who wish they were Discharge.

Instead, we get nine tracks of kinda bland stoner rock. They’re from the Sacramento hometown of Will Haven and Deftones, which they mention in their press blurb, but that has no bearing whatsoever on the music. They also mention Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu and Queens Of The Stone Age, with rather more hope than accuracy, but don’t be expecting to find the next Paranoid, King Of The Road or Rated R here. More like Rated C+. It’s not that the music is particularly bad, it’s just not particularly good.

The bass sounds cool on the blues-infused Spoonful, for instance, but it’s a song about spoons, and, with the best will in the world, everybody is not ‘fighting about a spoon’.

And so it is with the rest of this debut album, all of it listenable, none of it great – a stoner Pot Noodle.