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Papa Roach: The Connection - Tour Edition DVD

Nu metal survivors show off their chops in Los Angeles

After spending the early part of the 00s being something of a nu metal punchline, Papa Roach have battled away to amass an arsenal of work whose greatest hits can compete with most of the best bands in our stratosphere.

Not only that, they’ve been able to creatively outgrow rap-rock to become a stunning straight up rock’n’roll band. This is captured perfectly on the live DVD that accompanies the tour edition of the band’s latest album, The Connection.

Cherrypicking the best of tracks (the high-octane Still Swinging and the electronica-influenced ballad Before I Die), it’s proof that Papa Roach are still a relevant force in 2013. Couple that with Jacoby Shaddix’s magnetic charisma, a red-hot Los Angeles crowd and some of the best choruses of the past 20 years (hello Last Resort, Getting Away With Murder and a show-stealing Scars) and you have a one-stop shop for just how great this band continue to be. If you’ve lost contact with this band, it’s time for a reconnection.