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Okkultokrati: Snakereigns

Scummy Oslo punks get nasty and nihilistic

Like a colony of rats from a fetid drainpipe, crusty doom punks Okkulokrati come tumbling out with album number two. And just like your punk mate who wears his own vaguely faecal stink like a badge of credibility, it’s still a set of sonic belches you want to spend some time with.

In We So Heavy and Snakereigns these Norwegian dirtbags – all of whom moonlight in other bands in the fertile Black Hole Crew scene – lean heavily towards the dark-hearted proto-thrash street scuzz of The Exploited and Discharge with a heavy Darkthrone and Poison Idea influence too.

Okkultokrati (it’s a made-up word referring to an occult upper class) claim the album is about “the end of life in every aspect – just null, void, blank and emptiness” and it’s certainly malevolent stuff played with the nihilistic energy and lo-fi production of the skint and dangerously impatient. They’re energised and vital too, their short set of songs leaving you feeling like you’re on the arse end of a two-day cheap meth jag: bitter, battered and disgusted with the world. Job done.