Northlane/Erra/Invent, Animate/Ocean Grove at Electric Ballroom - live review

The Gospel - live

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OCEAN GROVE’s [7] cocktail of hardcore, nu metal and hip hop is larger than life, demands attention and holds onto it, too. INVENT, ANIMATE’s [8] tech-tinged progressive metalcore goes down a storm as the glassy sonics of White Wolf and Dead Roots seep into our craniums. There’s a large, noisy crowd here to witness ERRA’s [8] first UK performance. Their towering soundscapes are stacked with melody, spiralling arpeggios and dynamic technicalities that reach climactic heights, especially on Skyline and Irreversible. Buoyed by fourth album Mesmer, NORTHLANE’s [8] set is bursting with tracks that showcase their musical evolution to the full. Frontman Marcus Bridge has become one of the most versatile vocalists in the game, segueing between clean and eviscerating barks. Paragon, Savage and Citizen are blissful, monstrous and vibrant, laden with technical textures and sweeping ambience that evoke colour and emotion, reflecting what’s surely a now-unrestrainable upward trajectory.