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Nargaroth / Absu / Hate / Nekrodelirium at Boston Music Rooms, London - review

Subterranea live

Crowd shot
(Image: © Katja Ogrin)

NEKRODELIRIUM [7] are a pleasant surprise. Their hectic, almost early Gorgoroth-esque live vibe makes them worth the time, even with the odd hiccup. HATE [6] frequently play the UK but would be predictable even if this wasn’t the case, their sound a take on the Belphegor-meets-Behemoth blackened death metal template. Very heavy, very competent but unexciting, despite the odd standout moment. ABSU [9] are also frequently seen on the live circuit these days, and as such it’s easy to take them for granted – which would be a mistake. This is thoroughly superb blackened thrash with a heavy dollop of theatricality from one of the best frontmen in the game, Proscriptor McGovern. Properly assessing the ups and downs in the career of NARGAROTH [8] would take this entire magazine, but tonight confirms that the band deliveronstage. Despite the intense heat, even 11-minute epics seem to rush by, the group delivering their embittered black metal with both technical ability and charisma.