Nachtlieder: The Female Of The Species

One-woman black metal project with plenty of bite

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The scathing blitzkrieg of Scandinavia’s second wave forms the musical basis of Nachtlieder, the one-woman black metal band founded by Swedish guitarist/vocalist Dagny Susanne. Backed by Tore Stjerna’s Necromorbus production and the fiery drumming of Martrum, Nachtlieder’s second album, decreases the clarity of the counterpoint bass and discards the subtle folk flourishes of their debut in favour of a mostly straight-for-your-throat, rhythmically-centred approach.

Accordingly, the album is stylistically uniform – sourcing inspiration from late-80s Bathory, Immortal, Marduk, Watain, and old Enslaved – to suit its biblical thematic base of Eve’s existence in the decaying Garden Of Eden, and this has positive and negative implications due to varying degrees of songwriting quality. On one hand, the indistinguishable Fatale and Lonely Mortal lack tenacity and direction. While in contrast, Malice, Come Closer and Cimmerian Child are anthemic, as Dagny’s snarling vocal refrains and vehement riffs inject requisite dynamism, power and character. The forcefulness of which becomes increasingly evident as the album closes with the menacing title track – a clear highlight, and hopefully a manifestation of Nachtlieder’s future songwriting focus.