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Motörhead: Stage Fright

Lemmy and co in hi-def demolition mode

There’s little that can beat Motörhead when they’re in this sort of mean mood and cranked to the max on every level.

Filmed in Düsseldorf during 2004, and now reissued on Blu-ray, Stage Fright sees the band bursting every seam and blood vessel on a selection of songs that balances the classics with deeper cuts from the catalogue, as well as tracks from then-current album Inferno.

The way the gig was filmed puts you right into the core of things: much of it’s done through the audience, with cameras not only capturing the frenzied reactions but flying over people’s heads from the back of the arena and onto the stage. Naturally it’s Lemmy who holds the attention, but it’s also obvious he has a strong rapport with both Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee. The bonus material adds little; footage of the fans and the road crew come across as no more than filler material, as does the photo gallery. You’ll probably never want to see any it more than once, whereas the sharpened actual live footage stands up to repeated screenings.