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Morrow's Memory: Moving Forward

Cut ‘n’ shut job from Motown rockers.

Wanting to have broad appeal is no sin in itself, but this Detroit six-piece’s shows it risks diluting impact. Indeed, combining elements of fist-pumping hard rock and alternative grooves, Morrow’s Memory often give the impression they want to be an American Manic Street Preachers on steroids.

Thus, we are served up a platter of pleasant rock songs with shouty, arm-waving refrains, delivered with passion by vocalist Tony Fitchett. Fall In Line and Hero In The Dark seek to introduce more sophisticated prog metal elements – choppier rhythms, an elegant keyboard breakdown – but these get lost in the band’s desire to find a catchy pay-off.

This is not to suggest that this album is a failure. Opener Abandoned is a fine demonstration of high-octane alternative rock riffing underpinned by an emotive vocal and pyrotechnic guitars. However, too often Morrow’s Memory choose the path of least resistance. It’s a shame – they are clearly quality musicians keen to push progressive music out of a nerdy ghetto.

Taken and Let You Down are effective rockers but almost telegraph their chops. You’ll want to like them, but this becomes epic rock by numbers.