More Than Life: What's Left Of Me

Expressive hardcore crew keep faith on album number two

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While Gallows were biting people’s noses off and The Ghost Of A Thousand were kicking shit off with a more rock’n’roll brand of hardcore, More Than Life were an altogether grittier and emotionally harrowing proposition.

Their Love Let Me Go album has been lauded in cult circles and should be checked out by all who are recent converts to La Dispute, Pianos Become The Teeth and their ilk, but What’s Left of Me is a less sullen and morose offering than before.

Adding pace and a more upbeat feel, it would be inaccurate to say this is entirely different beast – the passion and inescapable ability to make you feel, undoubtedly the band’s defining characteristics, are still very much at the fore of the album – but this is definitely a bold step into new horizons for MTL.

It’s not every day that you can say a powerful hardcore band can channel the gothic noir of The Cure into their work. Essential for fans of emotional hardcore.