Megaherz - Komet album review

Rammstein’s industrial contemporaries pack a weightier punch

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The name might not be familiar, but Megaherz are one of Germany’s original dark industrial metal – or ‘Neue Deutsche Härte’ – bands. Formed around the same time as Rammstein, they never reached such explosive heights but Komet could help them crash-land outside Deutschland. Bigger, bolder and harder than its predecessors, album number 10 is insanely catchy and packed with foot-stomping anthems influenced by their heavy peers. There are nuances of Pain, Eisbrecher (original frontman Alexander Wesselsky’s current band) and Deathstars, not to mention lashings of Rammstein-ness. Megaherz were definitely listening to Mutter when they wrote Horrorclown; frontman Lex Wohnhaas even borrows Till Lindemann’s distinctive enunciation on the explosive track, which appears to be about a certain American president. There’s even a hint of The Sisters Of Mercy’s 1959 on the mournful Von Oben. Komet is a treat for fans of German ‘hardness’.