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Magoa: Topsy Turvydom

Gallic upstarts give metal and mathcore a shock to the system

As the tech band flood continues, it’s going to take something pretty different to stand out. France’s Magoa realise this. Like some mad BMTH-meets-HOAC mash-up, they stridently combine djent’s off-kilter crunch with a snarling singer, metalcore chants and hooks that’ll get us wetting our pants from the first note to the last beatdown.

The electro-brutality of Betraying Grace is a sweet moment, as is Walls Of The Damned – a dancefloor-worthy axe to the head harbouring pick-scrapes made famous by Gojira and a colossal chorus set to be a live favourite.

There’s commercial appeal to Topsy Turvydom (which is more than can be said for the title); check out the aptly named Party Time doing Papa Roach-on-speed with its solid riffs and boisterous chants or Broken Record mustering heady heights with sky-reaching vocals.

The scene can do with a band like this, who aren’t afraid to churn up metalcore fury with an electro blitzkrieg. Nice one, lads.