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Loathe and The Harbinger at Black Heart, London - live review

The Gospel - live

Crowd shot
(Image: © Katja Ogrin)

Tech newbies HARBINGER [8] seem genuinely overwhelmed by the rabid headbanging, airpunching response to tracks from their Human Dust EP. Not only are they perfectly crafted juxtapositions of groove and technicality, there’s also stacks of melody to cling to. Liverpool’s LOATHE [9] caused quite a commotion when they dropped their seething debut, The Cold Sun. Their seamless amalgamation of sinister electronica and density twists Architects-esque atmospherics into intimidating, industrial shapes. Violent pits, bathed in blood-red light, break out to Loathe, and frontman Kadeem France spends half the set battling with fans trying to grab the mic to scream his apocalyptic lyrics themselves. ‘Was I not justified in what I did? You did not deserve to live’ he repeats, pacing like a caged beast, before Rest; In Violence explodes in a maelstrom of darkness. An excellent showing from two of tech metal’s most exciting upcoming bands.

Dannii Leivers
Dannii Leivers

Danniii Leivers writes for Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Prog, The Guardian, NME, Alternative Press, Rock Sound, The Line Of Best Fit and more. She loves the 90s, and is happy where the sea is bluest.