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Limb: Terminal

Capital offenders fail to rustle up some outrage

If you’re a rock-orientated metal band looking to beef up your sound for your second album, you could do little better than wrangling one of extreme metal’s most sought-after producers, Russ Russell, to work his filthy magic.

Enlisting a great producer, however, is no guarantee of success if the songs aren’t there to begin with, as is the unfortunate case with London-based Limb.

Despite Russell’s obvious influence – the guitar tones are showered in grit and compression, while the quartet’s rhythm section (now including ex-Uncle Acid drummer Tom Mowforth) have harnessed the power to literally punch through your speaker cones – Terminal largely sounds like a band pretending to a be pissed-off Orange Goblin circa 2002. Micromegas chugs along in a tried-and-true stoner rock vein, and the interminable plod of Spoils Of A Portrait King, while somewhat ferocious, sounds worryingly like a band out of ideas already. The rabid, suicidally paced Mortuary Teeth, at least, is like having a chair smashed over your head, but by then you’ll have probably lost interest.