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Lihhamon - Doctrine album review

German savages bring some clarity to their cacophony

Cover art for Lihhamon - Doctrine album

Nuclear War Now! champions only the most ruthlessly barbaric and bestial BM. German warmongers and relative newcomers Lihhamon easily match the label’s stringent quality control and are surely ready to step out of obscurity with such a powerful debut. Tonally similar to the nightmarish bombardment of Ross Bay head warlord J Read’s Revenge and Conqueror, Lihhamon’s debut album is a scathingly focused attack of militaristic black/death battery, but with a little more control, clarity and sophistication than that of the mindless savagery and noise of the aforementioned Canadian cultists. Lihhamon’s hopelessly apocalyptic atmospherics conjure the same misanthropic and Darwinian ideology of Diocletian and Blasphemy, and Doctrine contains a more accessible groove alongside its devastating cacophony – a quality usually absent in the band’s more bestial and over-the-top counterparts.