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Kublai Khan - Nomad album review

Self-reliant, metallic hardcore with a socially conscious kick

Cover art for Kublai Khan - Nomad album

This Texas metalcore quartet formed in 2009 with a strong DIY ethic. They designed their own merchandise, self-released their debut EP, and toured for some time before being signed to Artery and Rise Records. Matthew Honeycutt is a fierce frontman determined to write meaningful lyrics and unafraid to address racism, human rights, depression and beyond. Completed by guitarist and vocalist Nolan Ashley, bassist Eric English and drummer Isaac Lamb, the band deliver a low, crushing brand of metalcore sealed in a hardcore coating that brings the power of early Hatebreed to mind. Nomad shows their grippingly heavy sound growing more confident and rounded and their songwriting more distinctive. Crashing along with monstrous riffs, fierce blastbeats, and tough vocals, there’s rarely an expected breakdown to be found and both Belligerent and No Kin will prove wildly pit-worthy.