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Krzak Experience: Krzak Experience

Polish bluesmen and metallers unite, with mixed results.

What on earth is this album? Comprising members of Polish blues-rock band Krzak and metal outfit Sepsis, this five-piece flip between serious death metal riffage and a jazz rock approach redolent of The Soft Machine.

Odd, to say the least. What makes this instrumental album something of a hotch potch is that there are times when the two styles clash feverishly, as if Krzak Experience aren’t too sure themselves which way to go. The upshot is that you really have to be tripping on some particularly potent stuff to make any sense of this.

But just occasionally, it all suddenly clicks together. On the eponymous opening track, everything appears to be running along the same lines in terms of timbre, beat and the juxtaposition of extremities. But the band just can’t keep this up for long. Perhaps they lose interest in melding it all together, and hope that throwing everything into the air will ensure that the random musical possibilities work themselves out when they land.

It’s a pity, because these musicians are talented, and the idea of underground metal smooching with jazzier notions is intriguing. But Krzak Experience is ultimately more frustrating than fulfilling.