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Klone: Here Comes The Sun

French band let their prog side shine on album six.

And so we welcome another metal band who have finally seen the light and branched out into the world of prog.

This musical transition seems to come quite naturally to metalheads, with acts such as Katatonia really pushing the realms of what ‘heavy’ can be. Poitiers-based Klone are the most recent export from mainland Europe to push for a more experimental sound, and though their sixth full-length album shares its name with that famous Beatles single, that’s where the comparisons end. Here Comes The Sun is filled with the dark guitar tones and epic soundscapes that have become their trademark over these past 12 years. However, on this release we see the band lightening up on the aggression and channelling their musical efforts into Yann Ligner’s vocals and Guillaume Bernard and Aldrick Guadagnino’s guitar melodies. If this shift was perceptible on their last album, 2012’s The Dreamer’s Hideaway, then they’ve really gone for it here. Slow-burning, prog-metal jams Immersion, The Drifter and Last Experience see them glide effortlessly, gradually through the thematic gears. Gone Up In Flames shows they’ve honed their radio-friendly side too.