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Kitten Pyramid: High Five Scuba Dive

Burton-On-Trent’s finest paint a freaky, quietly fabulous world.

Sure, this EP’s title may have its own space cadet charm, but behold this pink cover, complete with man, chicken and ‘meet your ice cream maker’ strapline.

It’s these visual aids that truly reflect the quirky, jerky, poetic time warp herein. Over the last few years Kitten Pyramid have honed a beguiling breed of oddball grand-folk-glam prog – part Zappa, part Syd-era Floyd, several parts prime-cut Cardiacs. The title track here creates a symphonic plethora of prog, orchestral and even worldy tones, followed by wave after wave of weird, sad and sweet lines about “collarless birds with orange beaks” and cats dying from “poison mice” as “the blackbirds laugh at the funeral” (Daisy Duke). Just when you think it’ll settle into a cosy ‘cutie-prog’ pigeonhole, cinematic strings and brass layers swell into a surprisingly epic finish. The guitar-led Stripey Jumper blends gritty alt chops with brass flourishes and classic rock solos, and the demo to WHALE is a delightful two minutes and 20 seconds of upbeat acoustic-strumming and rumbly retro bass-grooving delight. Their batty, inviting zoo concludes with Little Mouse, a short, sharp, mad jaunt of which Les Claypool would be proud. Strangely loveable stuff.

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