Jeff Green Project: Elder Creek

Impressive solo work from an enduring guitar talent.

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Now resident in Ireland, Californian-born guitarist Jeff Green spent many years playing and working in bands in the UK, and his music certainly hints at this mixed background. Green’s second solo project album has many conventional prog elements, but its smoothly muscular, American pop-rock/AOR vibe suggests his primary intention here is to establish catchy tunes and strong vocal hooks.

It also reflects his love of bands like the Eagles, a detectable inspiration in places. Theseus Falls marries these influences to neo-prog stylings, and the title track (featuring ex-Big Big Train vocalist Sean Filkins) has a bittersweet yet funky pulse, and delicate radio friendly ballad Loops And Threads gives us subtlety and sadness. The album closes with A Long Time From Now, a 20-minuter with Yes-tinged opening and a stylistically diverse, multi-part suite approach.

Abetted by a high-class band of British session players (the bass and drums pairing of Andy Staples and Pete Riley rarely fails to impress) Green can certainly play guitar – his soloing and playing throughout instrumental Point Blunt Light is simply beautiful.

A slick and consistently strong collection of songs.