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Infernal Curse: Apocalypsis

Ceremonial Argentinians rise up the South American ranks

With their second release for the ever-reliable Iron Bonehead Productions, Argentina’s Infernal Curse are moving away from the regional sound of mindless blackened death metal battery of previous releases in favour of exploring a more sophisticated hypnotism.

This mature approach lies between Wrathprayer, Void Meditation Cult and Blasphemy and is considered by the band to be a more spiritual work. This by no means produces a mellower sound, and the tar-blackened clamour is still evident between a subtle layering that ruminates and throbs, evoking a ceremonial atmosphere.

Shifting tempos created by chaotically flexible percussion veer between murky, slower passages to frenzied and urgent, haunting lead guitar peals coil out from the fray amidst a discordant vocal echo that seems to intone from below.

A lesser-known contender in the underground hordes of South America so far, Infernal Curse will surely be propelled by Apocalypsis to a higher realm of notoriety.