Ignite at the Underworld, London - live review

The Gospel - live

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(Image: © Katja Ogrin)

The variables that go into making an evening a special occasion are often hard to pinpoint. Just over a year ago Ignite sold out the Underworld, whereas tonight the attendance is far more modest. But if you think that would leave them uninspired to perform then you’d be kidding yourself. If anything it has the opposite effect, with frontman Zoli Teglas looking even more fired up as he takes pot shots at Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, comparing the UK and US’s current political situation to a ‘pair of weird cousins that have just slept together’ and bringing big bursts of melody to his band’s breakneck hardcore. But the night really kicks into gear when Zoli spots a now-engaged couple who met at an Ignite gig and lets them pick a song, leading to an impromptu run-through of Who Sold Out Now. Energised by the spontaneity, Ignite ditch their setlist, with Zoli holding his up and ripping it to shreds to the small but committed crowd. A one-off evening of pure punk heaven.