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High Frequency: High Frequency

Italian post-grungers still nipping at the heels of giants

Spawn of the post-grunge generation, Italy’s High Frequency have spent too long listening to records by Nickelback, Daughtry and Foo Fighters. This self-titled debut is spirited and energetic, and their enthusiasm is at times contagious.

But the insurmountable problem is that we’ve heard it all before. Built upon modestly hummable hooks and dispatched with chirpiness aplenty, its opening two numbers, Walking My Way and Get Away, are pleasant though unmistakably innocuous.

And things get worse. Try fighting the urge to roar with laughter as Luca Di Vincenzo (who also plays the drums) does his best Eddie Vedder impression during The Magical Mystery Love. Go, meanwhile, is a transparent Soundgarden pastiche. The four-piece began life playing covers and in a way, it feels as though that’s what they’re still doing.

It feels mean-spirited to knock them, but it’s tough to get worked up about this tepid debut.