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Heretic: Alive Under Satan

Punk metallers party hard to the beat of the apocalypse

Starting out as out-and-out black metallers, Heretic have, over the years and any number of split EPs, eased up a little and decided to write party songs.

The sort of party with a strict bullet belt dress code, that is – with a DJ spinning nothing but Venom, Motörhead and Zeke; the sort of party likely to lead to you waking up the next day on the bathroom floor or even in a cell.

Culling tracks from the 2009 ultra-limited Gods Over Humans, Slaves Under Satan LP, Alive Under Satan is therefore a short, sharp shock of punked-up black’n’roll. With references from Misfits to Turbonegro, this is not a true kvlt record – although Forever Possessed has more than a hint of Slaughter and Celtic Frost about it.

Alive Under Satan is a celebration of all that is heavy, dirty, nasty and unpleasant in the worlds of punk and metal – all buzzsaw riffing and apocalyptic howls set to a cacophony of coffin-pounding drums. In short, if the likes of Midnight or the more recent Darkthrone outings do it for you, then Heretic should definitely be in your sights.