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Hawklords: Censored

Living in the shadow of the original band.

Hawklords were a brief spurt at the end of the 70s; the remnants of Hawkwind going in a slightly different direction before dialling up the mothership and returning home. Now the name’s been revived, albeit with only Harvey Bainbridge from that first incarnation.

And Censored isn’t a disaster, but it also pales against 25 Years On, the 1978 debut.

The problem is that while the songs have a pleasant space-rock hue, they lack the unpredictability Robert Calvert in particular fashioned 37 years ago.

Things work best on the instrumental Soma, with a somnambulant grace, and the melodic rock sheen of Starstruck. Elsewhere, it sounds as if the band are trying too hard to prove worthy of the name./o:p