Hate: Solarflesh

Polish death metal veterans forego the polish

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While they may have been slightly overshadowed by their more revered compatriots Vader, Behemoth and Decapitated, Poland’s other great extreme band have kept making gnarly, quality brutality for 20 years, and Hate’s eighth record is no exception.

After a slow, foreboding buildup, evil spite is unleashed with neck-snapping fury, and that’s roughly where the tone stays. Eternal Might’s angular aggression gives way to the malice of Alchemy Of Blood before Timeless Kingdom drops the pace back momentarily, making you think you can catch your breath, only to punch you in the soft bits right when you’re not expecting it.

Solarflesh is exactly what a death metal record should be – in your face, unpleasant and objectionable, while remembering to make the whole horrible experience fun. They also join the cadre of bands who appear to have listened to Watain a commendable amount, and adopted a little of the Swedes’ putrid, reverent sense of melody into their own style. They sound particularly sinister this time out, and the flavour suits them.