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Hadal Maw: Senium

Aussie death metal with an urge for exploration

Hadal Maw are very much the contemporary and forward-thinking metal force, with shades of Decapitated and Gojira lurking within their precise but brooding assault.

Senium is an album that brims with gruesome dynamics, sometimes redolent of Behemoth’s barbaric aggression but more routinely gleaming with newness and idiosyncrasy.

Songs like Invisible Eye and From The Mouths Of Monsters hinge on elaborate constructions of dissonance and spite, wherein death metal’s core values are pummelled against some futuristic anvil. The result is a daring but primal roar of unholy dissent that promises to be the start of something unique. Old-school thunder is here too, most notably on the heads-down crush of Corridors, but Hadal Maw draw from a broad spread of oddball influences that ensure that even their simplest riffs ripple as if jabbed from another dimension.