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Hacktivist’s Hyperdialect: the genre-smashing soundtrack to an imaginary revolution

Grime metal insurrectionists Hacktivist add more prongs to their attack on new album Hyperdialect

(Image: © UNFD)

Hacktivist’s debut full- length, Outside The Box, established them as a collective with a flagrant disregard for genre boundaries. Their seething, multi-pronged attack targeted politics, societal injustices and the media. Unsurprisingly, their follow-up finds the quintet with equally itchy feet. Hyperdialect includes 2019 singles Dogs Of War and Reprogram, which were akin to battle cries, oozing with acerbic filth and serving as a warning of what was to come from these bloody-minded insurrectionists. Quickfire rapping remains an inherent element with dual vocalists Jot Maxi and J Hurley spitting bars on grime-inflected bangers Lifeform and Turning Tables. There’s a nu metal bounce to Kid Bookie-featured cut Armoured Core, while the infectious title track bursts with urgency and flexes the band’s genre-fluid muscle.