H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown album review

Anthemic Swedes unleash the ultimate AOR serotonin attack

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While most of the contemporary AOR scene appears to be populated by flabby veterans, desperately clinging to a sound and style that reached its creative zenith 30 years ago, H.E.A.T continue to be an irresistible, 12-legged adrenaline bomb. With its unwavering stream of joyous, gleaming anthems, Into The Great Unknown sticks to the thrilling formula that made the Swedes’ previous albums such a goofy delight. The effervescent presence and towering voice of frontman Erik Grönwall make everything from rampaging anthems Bastard Of Society and Blind Leads The Blind to the more layered sophistication of Eye Of The Storm and the epic, climactic title track sound vital and timely without sacrificing any of that mid-80s sheen. The best way to get drawn into H.E.A.T’s world of singalong euphoria is to catch them live, but this album will provide more than enough dizzying, life-affirming joy in the meantime.