Gordon Giltrap – Peace Will Fall album review

Not a new album from guitar maestro.

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Despite being billed by the record label as a new album, Peace Will Fall is, in fact, no such thing. Rather it’s a repackaged version of Giltrap’s 2012 offering Echoes Of Heaven. That in itself was a somewhat unique offering as it pitched the often instrumental Giltrap with female singer Carol Lee Sampson on material penned by Giltrap’s friend The Rev. Martin Green. Although not overtly religious himself, Giltrap states that he believes that “all music that touches us is of a spiritual nature”, and there are strong religious overtones on display here. While not as cloying as some of Neal Morse’s messages, this may be enough to deter some. That said, this writer is someone who doesn’t enjoy being preached to in music, but largely found much pleasant listening on offer here. This is largely due to Giltrap’s ever wonderful guitar tone, a lush sound that weaves its magic from folk to prog across the material. Interestingly the religious aspect of the original cover has been dispensed with in favour of the more obvious Giltrap logo, but the spoken Biblical passages on the like of The Lord’s Seat still grate. But not enough to distract from the overall enjoyment.