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Glamour Of The Kill: Savages

Brit metal hopefuls step up to the plate and have a feast

It’s nut up or shut up time for Glamour Of The Kill, and in a year where we’ve seen Bullet For My Valentine stumble with Temper Temper, there’s

Their 2011 debut, The Summoning, was solid if unspectacular, and the first opening moments of Savages underline that this is clearly a big, big step up. The production that Asking Alexandria and Of Mice & Men collaborator Joey Sturgis has brought to the table has given GOTK’s riffs some colossal weight, while their hooks and those big choruses mostly land on the right side of the anthemic/cheesy divide.

True, at times they do still come across a bit BFMV-lite – The Only One and Rescue Me in particular feel like cast-offs from The Poison – but when they do hit the spot, such as crushing album-opener Break, Maiden-flirting romp Second Chance and the Avenged-friendly A Beautiful Day To Die, the guys really do knock it out of the park. This is a band on the rise.

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