Gary Holton - The Rock And Roll Man review

Portrait of the man who paid the price for living too fast

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This unofficial cinematic biography of the long-deceased Heavy Metal Kids frontman and star of TV’s Auf Wiedersehen, Pet was produced by Richard Smith, who runs the website. Holton’s early life in South London is covered by interviews with his wife, Donna, and father, Ernie.

Entertaining rock’n’roll stories come from co-founding bassist Ronnie Thomas and drummer Keith Boyce, interspersed with mini-clips from The Old Grey Whistle Test and TOTP, plus some great footage of The Cops Are Coming, aired on Panorama.

The picture painted is of a loveable, flamboyant, raving hedonist that relished life but refused to take it even remotely seriously, which is why, 40 years on, the Kids are revered as punks before punk music even existed, though some potential fans remain unaware of their (continued) existence.

It’s all a bit DIY, but with the proceeds going to charity, The Rock And Roll Man is worth a look.