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Galahad: Guardian Angel

Second in the enduring band’s set of 2014 EPs.

There might have been mixed feelings about Gahalad’s latter-day infatuation with modern electronica, but their big, crunchy performance at Celebr8.3 in June would have put many minds to rest.

Their hooky set encore Seize The Day was presented in numerous mixes on their last EP, and now up for the same treatment is Guardian Angel. Here we get three different arrangements of the song, including the 10-plus minute original from 2012’s Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria. Heavy rock layered with techno synths and dance-worthy beats, it’s a good example of the direction that’s split fan opinion, but as a song it still works well. Stripped of any potential distractions, the simple five-minute ‘piano version’ shows it for the lovely tune it is, while the four-minute ‘hybrid version’ is a measured remix of acoustic and electronic elements. Also here is the grand Reprise from the same album, and a sweet, light piano take of Beyond The Barbed Wire.

As ever, Stuart Nicholson’s natural, unforced vocal talent is the constant here, and it makes for nice fare aimed at keeping the flame aglow for die-hard collectors. It’ll be of little interest to anyone else, though.