From The Vastland: Kamarikan

Will and fury from the Iranian-Norwegian BM allliance

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From The Vastland has a more intriguing origin story than most black metal fare, and it’s one that speaks of strength of will and shows that triumph over oppression is possible. Having been hidden deeply within the Iranian metal underground for over a decade and releasing

Kamarikan isn’t anything new or fresh in terms of musical style but it’s handled with a tough resolve and the trve Norwegian traits lend the album a familiar, spiky edge.

FTV uses textures of Eastern influence to expand a sound that writhes with revolutionary attitude and pulls at the walls of control, with Sina rasping and roaring his way towards moments of grandeur in Call Of The Mountain Battle and Kamarikan ending on the swirling devastation of Vortex Of Empty Chaos. BM is meant to be dangerous, and for From The Vastland that is the absolute truth.