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Fever The Ghost: Zirconium Meconium

Psych-pop concept album from LA.

Coming from Los Angeles and predestined to win support from Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, Fever The Ghost follow last September’s Crab In Honey EP with a cosmic concept album for their long-playing debut.

They call it, “a collection of songs musically interpreting the third dimensional integration process from the perspective of vital force energy incarnating into the physical world”.

After the cerebral scramble of the Metempsychosis intro, singer Casper’s naturally squeaky voice comes mangled in effects (most often resembling a gargling sardine choir) as the band traverse wacky psych-pop swoon-ups with titles like Surf’s Up! …Nevermind. They also pay homage to Yellow Magic Orchestra on Equal Pedestrian and embrace dance music on 1518.

Proceeding like a roller coaster in a sub-aquatic theme park, Fever The Ghost also wave at passing resemblances to Supertramp, ELO, Tame Impala and Flaming Lips, the effect wearing off quickly once a song has run its convoluted course.

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