Evil Invaders: Pulses Of Pleasure

Speed-crazed Belgians keep pace with the trad metal pack

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The band name is cribbed from a 1985 Razor LP and the album title sounds like Anvil on a health food kick, but these gurning Belgian rivetheads make a reasonably distinctive impact of their own in a subgenre crammed with identikit imitators.

Evil Invaders were releasing demos on cassette with hand-drawn inlays in the late 00s, and this heartening adolescent zeal and wide-eyed conviction is much in evidence on their full-length debut.

But there are also discreetly individual touches, with deft, tasteful solos over restless arrangements twisting and bubbling with neat tossed-off riffs and melodies.

The make-or-break element is the wild-and-crazy vocals, snarling in the best tradition of 80s metal nutjob singers like King Diamond, Baloff and Zetro from Exodus, Nasty Ronnie from Nasty Savage or Agent Steel’s Jon Cyriis: all good pointers to the band’s sound and style. It ain’t rocket science, but it sure hits the spot (with a sledgehammer)./o:p