Emmure crank the menace up to maximum on new album Hindsight

New album Hindsight is unpredictably ferocious even for Emmure

(Image: © Sharptone)

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Hindsight is the savage End Of Level Boss to Emmure’s 2017 side villain, Look At Yourself, loaded with an immeasurably bleak approach that bares its teeth at any opportunity. In the centre of the current chaos, the world needs this visceral incarnation of their hip hop-infused metalcore with the audacity to open an album with their most menacing track to date, (F)inally (U)nderstanding (N)othing. It takes an outlet this vicious to frame an adventurous performance from Freddy Palmeri, pitting his rapid-fire vitriol against the sinister Trash Folder and Informal Butterflies’ uncomfortable paranoia. Squeezing in an honour to Palmeri’s admiration for GG Allin through Gypsy Disco, Hindsight is unpredictably ferocious even for Emmure.

Emmure’s Hindsight (opens in new tab) is available to pre-order now