Ektomorf - Fury album review

Derivative yet primal groove metal from the heart of Europe

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Hungarian veterans Ektomorf sound almost identical to 90s Sepultura; the second Fury roars to life with the lightning fast guitars, tribal drumming and embittered shouts of The Prophet Of Doom, it’s the first thought that comes to mind. However, simultaneously, there’s a surefire appeal to both this band and their new, 13th album. Fury is a cathartic ride, bolstered by the angered drive of frontman Zoltán ‘Zoli’ Farkas, who – as a self-professed man of gipsy descent – roars against prejudice, alienation and persecution. Cramming 10 songs into 34 minutes, Fury is also a direct aural assault with no filler, stretching out single refrains or riffs to their fullest extent on every track. It may not be unique, but this is a solid disc for any metal fan, enjoyable in its angst and headbang-inducing simplicity.