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Eïs: Wetterkreuz

Grandiose, industrial black metal from German duo

Eïs may not be the most well known group in black metal, but their third offering of emotionally charged malaise is sure to weave its magic on those curious enough to delve into their cold landscapes of solitude.

The melodic undertones of Wetterkreuz’s narrative filter through hyper-blasting drums and throaty roars from frontman Alboin – a gent who also has a hand in the guitars, bass and the occasional synth line on the record, most noticeably the industrial strains of Am Abgrund, and its full and rich hypotonic tones that cut with processed beats and melancholic riff-based leads.

A grim state of desolation lies at the surface of Wetterkreuz and Eïs are unafraid to channel their misery and anguish through words of harsh introspection. The duo infuse their grandiose sweeps of harmony with beautifully paced, albeit tough, fiery drums and unrelentingly harsh vocal kicks. Whilst Eïs aren’t changing the BM landscape here, Wetterkreuz is a cold and steely observation into the unforgiving mind and is, surprisingly, as bleak as it is engaging.