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DragonForce: The Power Within

Power metallers turn over a new leaf.

DragonForce – Britain’s primary purveyors of crazy-ass power metal and tales of night falling, warriors wandering and titans titan-ing. Why they haven’t soundtracked their own mental anime-meets-Warhammer series is beyond us.

However, after 2008’s Ultra Beatdown they appear to have turned a corner, aided by new vocalist Marc Hudson. A young man with the pipes of Bruce Dickinson, Justin Hawkins and Satan amalgamated, he’s an impressive addition, and with him come some (whisper it) actually pretty good tunes.

Where previous albums – including the riotous Inhuman Rampage – felt a tad like beat-the-metronome exercises, The Power Within encompasses mid-tempo tracks, classy solos (Wings Of Liberty) and well-written melodies (Seasons). Naturally, the super-twiddly schpeels, blastbeats and ridiculous lyrics remain, but now there’s an intrigue that elevates the whole thing.

If you didn’t like DragonForce before, chances are you won’t now. For those of the alternative persuasion, however, good things await.