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Die Hard: Conjure The Legions

Black-thrashers unearth the old-school spirit

The second time around for Die Hard, Conjure The Legions yet again invokes the great Teutonic thrash gods Sodom and Destruction. As the name would suggest, there’s still a smattering of Venom to be found here as well.

This is the sound of a band that have honed their craft in the three years since their debut, including a tour with their heroes Sodom. Older and wiser, Conjure The Legions sees the band employing a cleaner, crisper sound and some killer hooks. While most blackened thrash bands utilise the hellbent-for-leather approach to dynamics, these Swedish fiends have opted to rein it in and instead aim for something catchier.

Some punk and hardcore influences sneak in (is that a hint of Derby punks Blitz in Satanic Uprise?) and the result is a hook-laden riff-fest of glorious proportions. The vocals of singer Harry have more than a touch of Entombed’s LG Petrov and, coupled with the strength of the songwriting, this gives the record a sort of 80s thrash-meets-Wolverine Blues feel. Which can only be good.