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Delta Spirit: Into The Wide

Epic indie from Californian TV soundtrack staples.

For a while, Delta Spirit’s relentless melodic surges, stadium-scale echo and constant positivity ring hollow. Push It, From Now On, Live On and Take Shelter could all be Coldplay cast-offs, determined to fix us whether we like it or not.

There’s a smooth dance music momentum, and touches, too, of Arcade Fire’s art-arena-rock grandeur. But Kelly Winrich’s best songs are worth more than that.

Language Of The Dead is a 21st-century wake-up call, dismissing the knowledge of a civilised past and demanding we toss our ‘idols into the sea’, to catch some of the rock’n’roll ‘lightning’ slashing through the skies instead. At such moments, the cathedral-size keyboards don’t sound quite so fake./o:p